8 Perfumes for Elegant Women


  1. you should try Valentino Donna, it’s a Nordstroms exclusive it’s my newest go to for fall/winter. I also have a Spring/summer and a Fall/Winter scent. You cannot wear a heavy winter scent in the heat of a New York summer!

    1. Ohh….I’ve never even heard of that! It’s an exclusive? I totally agree about the winter in summer. I once lived in NYC and that won’t work at all! Same for Florida! What’s your favorite spring scent? Have you tried any of the ones that I recommended?

      1. Haven’t tried any of yours yet but now I will sniff them out ?. My favorite summer scents are always gardenia based so Marc Jacobs or Michael by Michael Kors but I’m getting a little bored with them. Winter is also Allure by Chanel, which is very heavy.

        1. I love gardenia – I recently tried the Thymes Goldleaf Gardenia and really enjoyed it, but it’s very floral. Allure is pretty. Let me know once you try the ones I recommended – too bad this computer can’t be scratch and sniff!!! ?

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8 Perfumes for Elegant Women