Year Round Holiday Decor

How to decorate for year-round holidays like birthdays, Easter, July 4th and more!

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outdoor Halloween decor ideas!

outdoor Halloween decor ideas!

Outdoor Halloween Decorations. Skeleton decorations, spider web and non-spooky ways to decorate your home for October.
Giant outdoor spider Halloween decor.
Outdoor spider for decorating your house for Halloween.
Moveable Skeleton Halloween decorations.
Halloween Pumpkins with Lights
How to decorate for Christmas.
Bat Skeleton decoration for Halloween.
Outdoor Halloween Decoration
Outdoor Skeleton climbing tree.
Bat Skeleton hanging from lantern.
Outdoor Pumpkin with Vines and lights

Looking to quickly add some easy Halloween decor for outside your house? Here is how I styled our home for a spooky, but fun Halloween home! My kids feel proud when the bus pulls up to get them! 

light it up with Christmas lights!

Christmas lights? Well, kind of! My pumpkins I’ve had for years have Christmas lights strung through them to add sparkle! It’s a fun way to decorate for fall and Halloween – without being too spooky. Mine are from Pier1 years ago, but Target also has lit pumpkins them to order! Ship them to your house to make it easier on you!

Change out your lightbulbs to Orange LED bulbs! While I keep the house like it’s shown here all month long, the day before Halloween I change the outdoor lightbulbs to orange ones! It’s an awesome way to announce to the neighborhood that you are open for business with the all important candy! Super easy to do – and I’ve had mine for years. Keep them in a drawer to use year after year. 

sometimes bigger is better

Buy less, make a bigger impact! A giant spider, real sized skeleton and some huge spider webs make it look like you’re house is decked – when really it’s just 3 things you bought. Holla! 

I hang my spider using a large wire ribbon. It’s strung around his neck and then looped over the column. I also have nails on the backside of my entrance ceiling for easy hanging of holiday decor year round! So he’s secured to one of those nails, too! “Harry”, our spider is really light weight so he hangs pretty effortlessly!

String oversized spider webs all over the place to give your spider a place to crawl up on! This spider web stuff is ridiculously easy to hang – you don’t need nails – it’ll grab to anything – shutters or corners of your home work fine! I leave mine up all month long and have no problem with it being outside with the elements! Spiders like being outside, right? 

it’s all in good fun!

Halloween doesn’t have to mean spooky or scary! It’s also a night for silliness and fun! “Mary” our skeleton is working herself to the bones in her rose garden! Get it – Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Yes, people, yes. Mary is my favorite! I used a wire tie to secure watering can and then propped it on the roses. She’s hung in there for weeks like this! Have fun with your set up — these skeletons are amazingly well built!

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shop front porch accessories

What to get everyone on your list for Christmas in 2020.

Happy Halloween, all. Read more of my Halloween posts here! 

Now whose got the Twix and Snickers — I’ll take them all, k’thanks.


July 4th Outfit Ideas

July 4th Outfit Ideas

Atlanta blogger Kelly Page for BlueGrayGal shows a red white and blue sprinkled popcorn display on an American Flag towel on a blog post sharing cute women's fourth of July shirts and dresses.

A New Kind of July Fourth

This year feels….odd. So much going on. This has never been a political website, and I’m not about to start now. But a celebration as a nation feels important. I have always loved Fourth of July. Growing up in Orlando, the fireworks were never a big deal. But the pool parties, the yummy watermelon (I love watermelon!) the cute red, white and blue outfits… the casualness of the holiday always made me happy. I’m on the hunt for cute women’s Fourth of July shirts or maybe a July Fourth maxi dress, so I started a collection of ideas for you, too!

Included are some great summer shoes in red, white and blue, and some accessories I live for — especially a baseball hat! Man, give me some braid pig-tails, a baseball bat and some watermelon and I’m a happy camper.

Wishing you all a wonderful July Fourth! I hope you find something in these cute women’s Fourth of July shirts and other ideas!

Cute Women’s Fourth of July Shirts

This Way for More July 4th Posts! –>


5 Productive Things to Do While in Quarantine

5 Productive Things to Do While in Quarantine

5 Productive things to do when you're bored.

These are odd times for sure. Our family watched Evan Almighty last night, which is a great and uplifting movie if you haven’t watched it!

There was a scene I particularly loved. The wife was struggling with the family situation and God (Morgan Freeman!) talks to her and says:

If they prayed for courage, does God give them courage, or does He give them the opportunity to be courageous?

If someone prayed for their family to be closer, you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings? Or does he give them opportunities to love each other?

If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does He give them the opportunity to be patient?

– Evan Almighty movie

So in this time of solitude (perhaps a better word than isolation or quarantine?) maybe you’ve prayed for time to catch up house organizing, or time to play with your kids, or time to organize. Well, here is your opportunity to do those things!

Opportunitiy – a great word to think of rather than sacrifice.

5 Productive Things To Do in Quarantine

I’m sharing a few things you could do without leaving your house. Order your supplies and check things off the list you never get around to.

5 Things to do in quarantine that are productive!

Create a Photo Wall

Easy way to create a photo wall.

I use and love Framebridge. It’s so easy to create a beautiful and affordable photo wall! Upload your photos, pick a frame and hit send. They will arrive within a week with all the tools you need to hang it. Done and done!

Tip: when choosing photos, look for the ones that make you smile. I don’t care for a photo wall of perfect professional photos (unless those make you smile, then go for it!) I love those weird in-between moments. But pick a photo and move along. You can always reprint later and use the frame. The point is to check it off the list. Sometimes good enough is better than nothing!

My favorite frames

Georgetown for formal look | Dorado if you’re filling a big wall | Newport – clean silver

Create Photobooks

My phonebooks are among my most prized possessions. There is something about being able to hold your memories that feels more tangible than a cell phone full of images.

Our kids also love to read and look at them. So many warm and fuzzies from photobooks. And wow will you feel like you weigh 100 pounds less when you get them in your hand!

Shutterfly has a great deal that ends tonight with 50% off. Plus you can upload your photos and have them make it for free! Offer ends tonight. Again, close your eyes, upload the first 50 photos that make you smile and move on. You’ll be so happy you did, I promise you! My photobooks are ridiculously special to me!

Browse Shutterfly Books

Organize your Cabinets

How to stay organized with small storage space.

Whew, you know you need this! Order some supplies and have them come to you. These pieces are especially good to order because they are usually sold out in stores. This is one of my favorite things to do in quarantine. I get my kids involved and I end each day feeling accomplished and ready for the next!

Tip: while you wait for the supplies to arrive, grab a trash can and go to town. Empty, purge, dust the shelves, put things in the right room, etc so when they arrive you are ready to go!

My favorite organization tools

Set up Subscription Delivery

Closet organization tips and ideas to keep toiletries organized.

If you never considered doing this before, you probably have now with the grocery store shelves empty! I set up a subscription service a few weeks ago for the “always have to buy” items. Takes things off the list, plus you save money (up to 15%!) when you subscribe to a few things!

View Subscription recommendations here.

Refresh your Sheets for Spring

Brown and Gray Bedroom decor. Gray walls with brown bed and Annie Selkie linens. Ivory nightstand with gold metallic accents.

The weather is changing. And maybe you’re not sleeping so hot with the stress? Here are some great buys to refresh your bedding for the season.

Sky Sheets – very well priced and excellent quality!

Annie Selke quit – love this. Your bed looks made in a second, there’s some loft to it if you snuggle, but it’s not too hot.

Annie Selke quilt – love this. There’s some loft to it if you snuggle, but it’s not too hot.

Cooling pillow – a new discovery! The gel keeps your head nice and cool at night. It’s definitely very plump. I’m a side sleeper and used to use flatter pillows. This has really helped my neck pain and I love how it feels!

Get all the things to do in quarantine & feel productive during these odd times.

Now that you’ve checked off things to do in quarantine, get some closet organization tips here!


Easter Table Decor

Easter Table Decor

Easter centerpiece on a round dining room table. White urns with manzanita branches and faux magnolia leaves.


playful Easter centerpiece!

playful Easter centerpiece!

Our dining room centerpiece is a labor of love for my family almost every month. We love to change this centerpiece that I designed with manzanita tree branches for almost every holiday and every season. Our Easter Centerpiece is always a fun one because it’s bursting with beautiful color and decorative glass eggs! I basically just run around the table making sure the kids don’t fall off, or pull the centerpiece down on themselves! I supervise them placing the egg decorations all basically on one branch, and then at night sneak back in and space them out a bit. But that’s our secret, wink wink!

The Pottery Barn Easter decor is always outstanding. The Pottery Barn Easter decor that I bought last year was brought back again it was so popular! These embellished egg decorations sold out while I was in the store with my Mother In Law. They also sold out online – so if you want them you better hurry and buy them quickly!

Our decorative glass eggs that are on stands are also from the Pottery Barn Easter decoration collection. They aren’t for sale this year, but I have found a few people who are selling them online. I’ve listed everything below. They are stunning in pictures, and even more beautiful in pictures! I do love the etched glass eggs they introduced this year. Classic, elegant and timeless. You can’t go wrong with these either!

The little white bunny vases are also by Pottery Barn (I’m a fan of their holiday decor, can’t you tell?!) These are so cute because I put fresh peonies from my new plants in my yard or jelly beans. Though honestly I try really, really hard not to use candy because I basically eat it all. Not kidding. And I eat it within the first 24 hours and my kids can tell. So I try to stick with flowers. Ha!

The intricacy of the decorated glass eggs is unbelievably good for the price! Honestly! Very nice quality and they will not disappoint. I have to say that I don’t love the Caviar Glitter eggs they sell. They look a bit muted in color. They are nice, but I feel like I could find them at Michaels. Just my thoughts.

I hope this centerpiece brings you some inspiration! We will be decorating our Easter centerpiece March 1 in anticipation of the big day!

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My kids jump on the table to start decorating our holiday centerpiece! Our Easter centerpiece is so sweet and fun. We use Pottery Barn Easter decorations and decor. Sprinkled among the gorgeous embellished eggs are decorative glass eggs that sparkle with light! Feel the Easter love with some centerpiece inspiration!Mercury Glass decorative glass eggs. Eggs on stands for Easter decorating ideas in pastel pink and green.Kids decorating for Easter with Easter egg garland and Egg ornaments handing from branch centerpiece. Egg garland and Pottery Barn Eggs on manzanita branch centerpiece with tuscan urn. Pastel colored silver Easter egg. Pretty way to decorate for Easter. Giant centerpiece on a dining room table. Blue and Silver Easter egg from Pottery Barn holiday decor line. Easter egg ornaments to hang around the house for decoration.

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stunning egg ornaments – a must have that sell out quickly!

tuscan urn

mercury glass ornaments that sold out are here and here

bunny vase  &  bunny bowl

More details on how I create this centerpiece can be found on this post! Be sure to visit this post for the Easter dress I bought and can’t recommend enough!


Easter Decor Under $20!

Easter Decor Under $20!

Who doesn’t love a fun and spring table for Easter? Whether you’re entertaining or just having a simple Easter dinner at home, a little piece of specialized tabletop decor will make your Easter celebration so fun and special!

Also, every items I’m sharing make great gifts if you’re going to someone’s house for Easter. Sweet gift to celebrate the season without breaking the bank! Note: a lot of these Easter decor items are on clearance so hurry and buy them before they sell out!

May you have a very hop-py Easter!

Shop Decor under $20!

  1. Bunny Napkin Set
  2. Cutest Bunny Garland ever!
  3. Bunny jellybean dish – we have it and love ours!
  4. Cute Bunny Coffee Mug – such a cute gift for the college student in your life!
  5. Table Setting Place Card Nests
  6. Tabletop Decor
  7. Egg Table Top Decor
  8. Adorable Bunny Napkin Rings – I want!
  9. Large Egg Decor – I have a version of these and love mine!
  10. Bunny Dish Towel


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