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outdoor furniture refresh with woodard


  1. We are looking at the Woodard Cortland swivel lounge chairs. I ordered one to see how it feels and looks. I need to order 4 more for a table and I was told by one of the patio stores in San Diego that they quit carriyng Woodard because people were complaining about the quality. I don’t know what the problem was for previous customers but I am worried about spending the money on these chairs if the mechanics of the chair is something that might not hold up. This is a lot of money to us so I want to make sure. Do you have any ideas on this since you have partnered with them.

    1. I’m so sorry, Bonnie. This response got lost in the shuffle! Did you end up buying the Cortland Lounge Chairs? I respectfully disagree with the patio store — I think their quality is impeccable. It’s some of the most well made, comfortable outdoor furniture I own. I have another line of furniture outside that I hate (though people tout it’s high quality) but it’s less expensive AND less comfortable. I plan on replacing it with Woodard as soon as I can. Let me know what you ended up doing – curious to hear!

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outdoor furniture refresh with woodard