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Blogging takes an insane amount of time. No, don’t be silly, they don’t help me all the time. But for crunch time for bloggers, during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale they chip in for extra cash and I’m SO grateful!

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Oh my is the struggle real. I spent five hours trying on clothes today, all from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, all in order to give you guys my review of what I loved and what I didn’t love! People, I prefer home blogging all day — that was freaking exhausting. I’m typing with a glass of wine right now as I lay out my review.

sizing note:

I am 5’5 and weight about 130 (ok, 133. I confess.) Typically a size 4/6 and 27″ jean.

shoes on sale

I tried no less than 15 pair of shoes. Of them I sing my praises for a few in particular. Allow me to break them into categories for you.

tennis shoes

These Ugg tennis shoes are incredible. I had NO idea Ugg made sneakers. They feel like a cloud of your feet! The top part is mesh so they breathe easily and are so soft. I bought immediately and highly recommend! They fit true to size.

These Asics rock. Very comfortable and very cute. I love the gray and pink detail! Very versatile with a little something going on. Super cute.

These pink Nike’s are awesome! They feel light as a feather on your feet and the color is “mwah – perfection.” I highlight recommend then. All fit true to size!

Asics Tennis Shoes   |   Nike Classic Cortez – white and pink   |     Ugg Sneakers


Truth be told I am hard on flats. I have large bunions that make flats hurt my feet so the standard flats don’t typically fit me well. These Vince nude slip ons are fabulous. They are on the higher price point end, but worth it. They look expensive and feel expensive. Year round classy classics for sure! I bought those in a nanosecond – love them. Size down on these.

The other favorites I love are these leopard ones, Tory Burch in blue and pink, and these really pretty Tory Burch in a gorgeous Burgundy suede (really, really pretty!)

I ventured out into animal print territory with these flats. I loved them!  Will make any outfit pop and they have a heal version! True to size.

Vince Darlington Flats  |  Tory Burch ballet flats |   Sam Edelman Rivera Calf Hair Flat

booties & boots

So I was told my favorite Nordstrom sales person that the shoe selection for boots is small this year. I found this to be true. However, it doesn’t mean there aren’t some gems. My favorites, and the ones I bought are these black leather booties. So gorgeous and timeless and classic. I also love these gray booties, these pink suede mules. The Vince Camuto booties are adorable and fit really well.

These booties have great color but they are for people with narrow fit. I have wide feet with bunions so these hurt like heck. I wanted to badly to love them though! But if you have narrow feet give them a try.

These $50 pink suede mules are freaking adorable. I love them. For this price it’s a no brainer to me! True to size.

Vince Camuto Booties

These black boots are stunning. If I closed my eyes to the price tag I would have thought they were at least $250, but they are on sale for $99! They are in my house. If you watch the video you’ll see me complaining that they hurt my feet – UNTIL I realized I had the plastic in there!!! Bahahahaa. Once I figured out what I did I changed my mind from a “poop to a whoop!!”


Dark wash skinny jeans and Nordstrom Anniversary Sale booties.

Whew, ladies. So many great choices. Truly. Lots of great high rise denim with a nice, clean dark wash. No 90’s mom jeans here! All had excellent price points – even the designer ones! Among my favorite pairs were the AG Jeans. They only had a size 28 to try on and I am a 27, so they were too big. There were not many of these in the store. Selling fast. Recommendation? But a few sizes online and ship to your house so you don’t miss out because they fit beautifully.

Other noteworthy denim picks were the Paige Hoxton Avenue (size down) and the Kut Donna high-rise Angle. I tried on the 6 and they were too large so size down on these.

Surprisingly I really loved the Good Americans Good Legs skinny jeans. Super high waist and you feel fully tucked in if you know what I mean! I wore a 6 in the store and they were too big. Size down.

Oddly, my favorites? These Frame denim jeans. I never thought I would like the cut on the front but they were awesome!!! They look great with booties or sneaks. I had to have them. True to size.

AG Jeans |      Paige Hoxton Avenue   |  Kut Donna high-rise Angle   |   Frame denim jeans


If you liked the jacket I bought last year then you’re sure to LOVE these two options available this year!

white Michael kors    |    barbour hybrid jacket (black & white)

Camo leggings outfit with womens North Face lightweight jacket


This is important — there are slim picking IN STORE for handbags. For the gorgeous top selling bags like Tory Burch Pebble bag which is to die for, they had only 3 in the store. For the Longchamp best selling bags they had none. And there are beautiful color options and new leather versions of Longchamp available online.

My advice? If you want (or think you want a bag) then buy online. Or at the very least buy online and pick it up at the store to reserve yours. There were not a lot available in store!

loved this Kate Spade Hobo Bag  |   super cute cross body bag in many colors (good gift for daughter, too?)


Gold J Crew statement earrings.

These J. Crew gold statement earrings get major bang for your buck! Stunning. Another blogger took them from her for her own outfit. Ha!

There is a ton of beautiful Kendra Scott jewelry on sale! And in rose gold, silver and gold. Also beautiful gem stone colors we’ve known to expect and love from her! This lace lanyard is a no brainer to throw on with any top. All of these also make great teacher gifts and family member presents so stock up! Buy online and have them gift wrap it for you and save yourself the holiday hassle! Check gifts off your list NOW!

favorite outfits

Are they  simple? Why, yes they are. Did most everyone who watched the video, including my husband, comment to me directly about them? Why, yes they did. They are easy, cute, everyday weekend outfits that’s cute and comfy. And everything is ridiculously well priced.

I bought these Carlson green pants ($50!) last year during the anniversary sale and wear them all the time. A few people also bought them at my suggestion and love them to. Easy + comfy. For $50 with a variety of ways to style them? Wardrobe staple must have. Size down. The Hinge long sleeve shirt is a small and fits perfectly. The Ugg tennis shoes I’ve mentioned earlier feel like you’re walking on a cloud! Buy this outfit – you’ll love it!

Don’t forget that if you want these handbags, order ONLINE. Stores were very limited and they were flying off the shelves!

super soft $50 cardigan  |  perfect basic tee you’ll live in | booties – built for narrow feet |  Tory Burch handbag

navy lavering long sleeve tee  | camo pants (available in petite)   |  ugg shoes

red blouse (other colors more sheer – this one is nice) |  nude pumps with stud detail  | gold hoop must have | fav  jeans of sale 

green ruffle sweater (so soft & sleeves zip off for summer!)  |   Kendra Scott earrings   |   leather clutch with gold chain

best of the rest

exclusive beauty

barefoot dreaming!

sweet dreams


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