The Handbag with a Light in it!

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bag with light inside by PurseN

PurseN Litt Bag

Do you ever stop and think, why didn’t I think of that? Meet the PurseN Litt Crossbody Bag! You’re going to say the same thing!

This crossbody bag has a built-in LED light so it not only looks great from the outside, it looks great from the inside, too! Never accidentally reach for your lipstick, only to grab your concealer, and put that on instead (you’ve done that, too?!) Quickly see inside your bag with a quick press of the button!

The PurseN Litt bag has a LED light inside it so you can easily see inside in the dark. The light is very lightweight and not cumbersome at all. It’s discreet and easy to use!

bag with light inside by PurseN
Oprahs Favorite Purses. Oprah picked the PurseN Litt products as a favorite thing for good reason! This purse with a light in it is genius and helps you see inside!
PurseN Littbag
crossbody bag for travel. On Cloud running shoes and casual running outfit. The crossbody bag for every women!

Highly functional, well made!

The LED light has a built-in 60-second timer to auto shut off. Also, brilliant!

I own at least nine pieces of PurseN products. All of them are an organized person’s dream come true! Plus all of their pieces are super cute and made very well! My PurseN has traveled a lot and held up so well!

PurseN Crossbody Bag - the bag with a light inside! Gold bag with black and white outfit - love the Houndstooth coat with black suede booties!
PurseN Handbags - awesome travel crossbody bags so you can see what you need. You can wear this crossbody bag as a belt bag if you want to, too.
How to wear a belt bag with a coat. This black and white outfit shows how to wear a belt bag underneath a coat to keep your belongings safe while you're out, but not get in the way of rocking a killer houndstooth winter coat!

Litt Crossbody/Belt Bag

The two crossbody bags I’m featuring here are the Litt Crossbody Bag in Duel Gold and Quilted Black. The Duel Gold bag can be worn crossbody or as a belt bag. While I don’t usually wear belt bags, this particular one is nice for travel because it’s larger so you can carry a lot of things, with a still useable bag and functional light! Plus, wearing it under a large coat like I am helps you keep your belongings extra safe!

Shop the Litt Bag in Duel Gold.

Litt Crossbody Bag

The second bag featured is the Litt Crossbody Bag in Quilted Black. This is an awesome go-to bag because it can be dressed up or down. Easily throw it on with a casual outfit, or dress it up for a night out! Either way, you have a really pretty bag that lets you see inside it! Could a girl ask for more?

PurseN Littbag

Shop the Litt Bag in Quilted Black.

Save time. Be organized. Look cute. The PurseN Litt Crossbody bag checks all of these boxes! These make the best holiday presents – especially for the women who have everything!

Read about PurseN’s awesome travel bags here!

bag with light inside by PurseN

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