2 minute makeup tutorial! UPDATED

2 minute makeup tutorial! UPDATED

everyday makeup in two minutes!

I have a YouTube channel where I share a few YouTube makeup tutorials. Lordy, I’m still learning how to get myself in focus without anyone behind the camera. And I also didn’t use the microphone right in this, but we can’t do it all perfectly can we?! I love makeup tutorials, but more than anything I love love easy makeup tutorials. Without further ado here’s a simple makeup tutorial to give you an everyday makeup look! Look down the post for links to the products I use!

simple makeup tutorial video

products I primarily use in my YouTube makeup tutorials

eyebrow gel

Nothing pulls a face together than clean, manicured and filled in eyebrows. They frame the face and instantly make you look more polished. While yes, if I have more time, I will use a pencil, this brow gel is everything. I own more than one, and keep one in my purse in case I’m coming from the gym and need to pull my act together quickly.

pressed powder

This light reflecting pressed powder is great. I love how non-messy it is and does a beautiful job giving you neutral coverage. I keep it in my car along with a small brush to dust on during the day!

beauty blender

The Beauty Blender sponge is one of the top sellers in all of makeup for a reason. Blends makeup flawlessly. I own several. Hint, the charcoal soap they sell to clean it with is worth every penny. Cleans it 100x better than regular soap!

foundation favorite

Love NARS foundation. It’s amazing. And good news! Since making this video I’ve since discovered they make an add on pump! Hello! Finally. All I’m saying.

the multiple

I love NARS makeup. Period. It’s just awesome. The Multiple is what I’m using to give my cheeks a little glow. It’s fantastic.

favorite mascara

Been obsessed with this mascara for years. Can’t bring myself to ever change!

lip glosses I love

Lot of makueup mentioned sold out so here are updated linksS





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