PVC Shoes – Do or Dupe?

PVC shoes are all the rage right now. The Cinderella glass slippers of the moment! I decided to investigate the style and main brands.

Most bloggers feature the Manolo Blahniks. Each pair of the PVC Manolo Blahniks cost over $650. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are a few things I invest it: designer handbags and designer shoes. Why? Both 100% make an outfit and both always fit. Ha! However, I always invest in the forever wardrobe staples. I don’t buy trendy looks unless super discounted.

So, this PVC fashion trend had me curious. I bought a pair of Manolos and a pair by the brand Schutz (Megan Markel is always seen in this brand) to compare the two. The price point of the Schutz brand for the same style shoe is $180.

Shutz Vinyl Shoes - the shoes Megan Markle wears and review how they compare to Manolo Blahnik PVC Shoes.
Atlanta blogger Blue Gray Gal.
ASOS Jumpsuit and Vinyl Heals.


Note: I am a 7.5 (37.5 European Sizes) in most shoes. I can wear an 8 but never a 7.

The Manolos run small. You need to size up on these. I would need a size 38. 

The Shutz brand runs true to size but the PVC area for toes is larger and looser. The heal placement is also different. I invest in Manolos because dude knows how to make a comfortable heal. The heal placement, pitch of the heal and support is incredible. The Schutz isn’t as comfortable but not to the untrained foot!

Having said that, if I wanted to buy the PVC for the look I would 100% buy the Schutz brand.

Shop Schutz Here (sold out) | Amazon Has Some but Can’t confirm they are Real Deal | Lower Cork Heal Schutz (almost sold out) | Ankle Strap (goes in and out of stock) | Few In Stock Here

“The Legs Are the Last To Go.”

Diahann Carroll

Why I like the PVC Look

Hello, long legs! With these heals your ankles are invisible so the illusion of legs for days is darn right awesome. Wear a killer pair of shorts, a romper like this and girl, your legs are rocking!

Black Jumpsuit with Sleeves from ASOS with waist tie.
Manolo Blahnik PVC Heals and black long pants jumpsuit.
PVC Shoes for Women - which designer to buy and review of Vinyl heals.

What I don’t like

Your feet can get a bit sweaty. It’s plastic. That’s a personal call on your level of comfort for beauty! 

Final Verdict

This Schutz brand is defintily the way to go if you love this look!

It’s a pretty and sexy trend. Like Dihann Caroll always said, the legs are the last thing to go, so if all else isn’t working out in your body, show off them legs, girls!

Manolo Blahnik PVC heels. Designer dupe review on which designer Vinyl shoes are best.

ASOS Jumpsuit (fits true to size) | Schutz Shoes | Manolo Blahnik PVC Shoes

Shop Tons of PVC/Vinyl Shoe Looks!



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