Outdoor Furniture Update with Woodard Furniture

Comfy oversized chaise lounge chairs. Cedar house exterior Cape Cod style with gray outdoor furniture and white garden stool.

When we purchased our home nine years ago, we were so excited to get our awesome backyard up and running! I went shopping for outdoor furniture right away (it was March – a little premature for summer – but we were so excited!) The one thing I knew I wanted was comfort for poolside relaxing- a comfy, oversized chaise lounge chair was high on the list!

We wanted a cozy area by our fireplace where friends could sit all evening and a balcony area perfect for Sunday coffee and reading. Right away I knew Woodard Furniture was the right fit! I sat in their heavenly sofas and chairs, and they felt just as comfortable as our family room couch!

Fern Container Planter and Woodard Chaise Lounges. Stone and maizes ground cover for summer planting inspiration.
Serena and Lilly Sale. White embroidered throw pillows.
Atlanta home blogger Kelly Page for BlueGrayGal with Woodard Furniture. Comfortable outdoor chaise lounge.

A ridiculously comfy chaise lounge chair!

Over the years we’ve added to our Woodard furniture collection. Last year we did a refresh of our cushions. The furniture frames are in excellent condition all nine years later (truthfully, the cushions were in fine shape, I just wanted a new color scheme!) However, we didn’t have any chaise lounges from Woodard. The ones we had were from a different brand and well….they just didn’t cut it in the comfy department!

We got the chaise lounges from the Andover collection. We started with two at first, and then added two more because we loved them so much!

Zinnia Garden with butterfly. Atlanta summer garden full of color!

In early fall when the pool is too cold for swimming, our backyard is still beautiful. I brought two of the chaise lounges up to sit in my garden to stare at the fall leaf colors. It was a great way to enjoy the fall weather!

The wheels make moving the lounge chair around very easy!

Fern Container Planter and Woodard Chaise Lounges. Stone and maizes ground cover for summer planting inspiration. comfy chaise lounge chair for outside.
Andover Collection chaise lounge. Zinnia flower garden in Atlanta home. Oversized Chaise Lounge Chair in gray with white Serena and Lily outdoor pillow.

Woodard Oversized Chaise Lounge Chair Cushions

The very soft, plush cushions do not stay soaked after rain. Truly! I was worried about this but the water drains surprisingly quickly.

I keep these out year round – cushions and all. They look fabulous and stay in great shape!

I can’t shout my love for Woodard Furniture enough! The Andover collection is a no-brainer investment. You’ll love them! For reference, my cushions were custom ordered through the store I bought them from. You can find more details on the colors by reading this post!

This time of year is perfect to order outdoor furniture. Everything will arrive just in time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Find your nearest Woodard Furniture dealer here!

Thank you to Woodard for gifting me these chairs. Please know that I had already purchased many of these pieces on my own, so the new additions were a fun welcome, but I was already a believer!


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