Organizing Cell Phones & iPads

Kill me now on the thousands of cords for our family of five. Charging cords for laptops, cell phones, Apple Watches, FitBits…ya’ll know the struggle. My husband found a genius way to organize all the chargers! Sharing how we organize Cell Phones and Laptops so you can find a spot in your house to keep the clutter contained!

What the Station Looks Like

How to organize Cell Phones and Laptops. A charging station to stay organized!

This one device has dividers that fit every device cleanly and organize charger cords. It’s organized and all cords stay there (penalty for anyone who takes one away!) Using short cords (key!) keeps the clutter contained since there aren’t giant long cords tangling.

My favorite new toy to how to organize charger cords! Content the cord mess in one easy spot!
Organizing charging station. Contain the clutter with a charging station that fits all your cords for all of your devices.
Keeping cords organized in one spot for easy access so you don't lose your cords!

To keep their headphones organized I bought a pretty jar from Homegoods that fits everything perfectly but looks pretty on the counter. I keep it all in one place.

It’s their fault for not charging or putting things back! Set them up for success and reinforce, reinforce, reinforce!

What to Buy to for Organizing Charging Station

Any of these will work perfectly for your organizing charging station. There are tons of them, so find the one that suits your house best. I picked only ones with high ratings!

Important for Cord Organization

The small cord length is key. Can’t stress this enough. You don’t want the 10″ long cords. Buy a pack (or two) of these to keep the cords from being cluttered!

Enjoy your clutter free charging station! Turn this situation into this!

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