Peach Perfection to the Maxi!

It is end of school year for us Georgians. We end school this week, and go back August 1. My friends and I fondly call it “Mayham” for all the last minute insanity pushed upon Mothers (and teachers!) in this new Pinterest-era world we live in.

I admit to not being my best the past few weeks. It’s tough. It’s stressful. It’s busy. It’s emotional. I’m writing this post for me as much as I am to, hopefully, relax any of you Mother’s needing this!

5 ways to survive end of school year

  1. You can’t be it all, to everyone, at once. So, please, stop trying. We women try to be everything, to everyone at all times. It’s impossible, and who it actually hurts is all those people you’re doing it for. Why? Because we fall apart at the seams in trying to do so and our family sees the stress. And the other ladies in your life maybe you’re doing the work for? They may not notice if you don’t do it all perfectly (And if they do, dude. Another blog topic there!) Cut yourself some well deserved slack.
  2. No, other Mother’s aren’t handling it better than you. They may just have a better poker face than you. Or maybe they have a few extra hands more than you. But we are all in this together. So support each other, give smiles and a “eh don’t worry about it” comment and lets all help each other breathe.
  3. Think big picture. So much of this doesn’t really matter. Did you miss a class party? Did a special gift for the teacher not get done? Did you order pizza every night for 10 days straight? That’s fine. You are an amazing woman and amazing Mom. Stop beating yourself up!
  4. Before you fall asleep tonight could at least five things you are doing right. I would say count 25 because I know you are capable of that, but I’d be asleep by the time I got to 7! Lay your head down, and instead of listening to the voices in your head counting what you didn’t get done, count what you did do!
  5. In the morning, after coffee, write down the 3 important things that need to get done that day. Sure, there are 48 other things that are on the list, but prioritize 3. And really think through what they need to be, not what you’ve invented in your head as what’s important.

Breathe, everyone. Literally. Stop reading this blog and take three deep breaths.

We got this. You got this. I got this. I think I’ve got this. 🙂 The “Mayham” is real, guys!

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