mother’s day gifts under $50

mother’s day gifts under $50

Flowers are beautiful, yes. And chocolate is amazing no doubt. But I love the idea of gifts for Mother’s Day, especially something that’s a bit different. I love pretty gifts that are useful. Gifts that can be used all the time she may not have purchased for herself! Here are some Mother’s Day Gifts under $50!

Something to mention for the time crunched – if you haven’t used Nordstrom’s online and drive through pick up service it will rock your world. When you look online it will tell you if that product is available at your local Nordstrom. Then all you do is buy it there and it will be waiting for you. But wait! That’s not all! You no longer have to park and walk into the shop. Most Nordstrom now have an area where you drive up, someone greets you and delivers your order to your window. Drive through Nordstroms!

Seriously. There are now employees there whose full time job is to hand deliver you your online purchases. Our Nordstrom is actually getting ready to have a dressing room right there, so I can online order a dress, drive up, quickly run in and try it on and decide if I want it or not.

This is both so helpful for time crunched people, people who hate to shop (me, believe it or not – hate shopping in stores), and people trying to resist spending more money by going in the store! So neat. The future is here, people.


1  cover up  |  2 kitchen soap set  |  3 tea collection  |  4 marble spoon rest

 5 amazing coffee mug  |  6 make up gift with purchase |  7 personalized cookbook holder

If you’re planning on giving flowers, don’t forget to read my post on the Three Tricks to keeping Flowers Alive longer!


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