MCM Backpack Review

My mission? Carry my laptop, camera and “stuff” without my shoulders killing me. Which really meant a backpack to help distribute the weight. But backpacks look like backpacks. I wanted a purse/backpack.


I wanted a bag that could go from cute backpack during the day to lug my stuff around, but then go to dinner and look like an elegant purse I would carry. I wanted to walk into a restaurant or gathering with friends and have no one know my giant camera was in there (anyone who knows me has known I never go anywhere without my camera. My college roommates both love me and hate me for videotaping and documenting everything.)

In other words – I wanted high fashion mixed with practicality. No easy feat I tell you.

polka dot dress and blue bag

Until I found this…..

blue MCM Backpack

…the MCM Milla Large Convertible Satchel. Now. I’ve never used the word “satchel” in my life. But I’m assuming satchel = high fashion practicality. So satchel shmatzel, I like it. I like it a lot.


MCM Backpack Review

The Pros

  • Amazing color selection – gorgeous rich blue, green, pink, red and more. Extremely elegant color choices.
  • The straps pop off so easily and no one would have any clue it was a backpack. However, the straps themselves are super cute.
  • It resembles a Birkin bag with the way the straps on the side close and pop open for added depth. I’m a purse lover. I’ve coveted a Birkin for oh, way too many years but at $10,000+? So not happening. So this knock off look for less makes me happy.
  • Elegant features with minimal “logo wear”
  • There’s an outside pocket for your cell phone. Since I’m constantly reaching for my phone, having it outside in an easy to reach place is great.
MCM Backpack Review

The Cons

  • It’s a tight fit with my laptop and camera and wallet. Keep in mind though guys that my camera weighs every bit of 10 pounds and is the size of a purse puppy so for the average person this is a very nice sized purse/backpack. I mean, satchel.
  • It’s not cheap. However, after searching for at least a year I’ve found it to be worth every penny because it checks all of the boxes for me. I haven’t put it down and I’ve been stopped by people asking where I got it.

Here is the link and some other lookalikes for less (though the straps don’t come off on the Kate Spade ones like mine does. Told you – hard to find.)

That’s it for the con’s. This satchel gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Maybe put it on your Christmas list if you’re looking for something classic, fun and easy on your back!

There are usually a ton for sale at Nordstrom Rack – click here to see what’s in stock now!


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