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I’ve never met a TV camera I didn’t come alive in front of. I’ve also been documenting everything my entire life, so having a lifestyle blog makes me feel like a duck in water!  Here’s a little bit about me… I’m originally a Floridian, and my first job was being “very good friends” with Pluto, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty and more! It was a dream job and I am still very much covered in Disney Pixie Dust! I started there when I was 16 years old and left when I was around 20. I danced in the parades and had the time of my life. And yes, it was hot, hot and hotter! Alice in Wonderland at Magic Kingdom While in college I was a finalist to be on MTV’s The Real World in Hawaii. I was the last one cut after flying out to California to meet with Bunim and Murray. The following year they called me back to ask to be on the New Orleans season. Again, I wasn’t chosen but they offered me a job (which is actually much more flattering.) I worked for MTV in NYC in the on-air promotions department and on various TV shows. Walking into Times Square for work everyday, working with top Producers and Editors and standing next to Carson Daly in the elevator made me one happy chick. And it’s funny to think that I started my world of being in promotions at the young age of 21!

Kelly Page at MTV

I have always anchored the news. I started in elementary school, continued doing it in middle school, high school, college and at Florida State University. So after graduation it seemed only fitting to be a professional reporter! Problem was? I hate the news! I’m much more at home and happy talking about upbeat, fun stories! Ultimately, I would up in Advertising. This was when I also met my husband (nearly 13 years of beautiful marriage!). I worked for AT&T and helped work on National Advertising. I worked on national print, radio and TV campaigns. Some of the fun talented people I was able to work with were Ryan Seacrest, Forest Whitaker and Sydney Pollack.

I left the advertising world to become a full time mother to my new ten year old daughter and almost seven year old identical twins! I’m a goof and I will absolutely dance in public with zero shame in my game. I’m a klutz, my husband says I keep life interesting and funny and I love blogging. I’m back on TV as a lifestyle guest on the NBC Atlanta morning show and proud to show my kids that Mommy can do something besides empty the dishwasher! Blue wrap dress worn by Kelly Page for what to wear for family photos in shades of blue and gray. Walking in a park with trees for family photosThis blog represents my own personal style. I won’t endorse any brand I don’t firmly believe in or wear an outfit that I wouldn’t put on myself. And if I say I like it, I mean it. This blog is genuinely reflective of who I am and will remain so, no matter what financial gain I could have! It’s more important to me that you trust me because you like my estillo! Because truth? I don’t have to work. Husband takes care of that. This is my outlet.

Thanks for following along on my journey and my desire to communicate and share. My cup runneth over having you!

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This blog does contain paid collaborations, sponsored posts and affiliate links from time to time. I take this blog very seriously and deeply respect your trust. All opinions are mine and mine clown. If I don’t care for a product, I’ll share why not or it won’t make the bluegraygal cut!

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