How to Easily Print Photos for the Year!

I’ve teamed up with Kodak Moments on this blog post. Why? Because I firmly believe in preserving and sharing memories. I also firmly believe in making life easy. Here’s a very personal story. Thank you, Kodak Moments, for helping make my two missions easy and available for my readers!

my personal relationship with memories

On my Wedding Day in 2014 my Mother sat me down to give me advice. “You are now the memory maker of your family. You are the Captain of Fun. It’s now up to you to create those memories and instill them within your whole family.”

Yowza. Pressure much? Here I was a 26-year-old bride with no clue I would have three children in my future for whose memories I would be making and preserving! I thought I was cool just having my wedding photos taken by a professional photographer!

But what she said resonated with me. Because growing up that’s what she was in our family. She was the one leading the charge booking the vacations, driving us to our after-school fun events, planning our birthday parties. And did they go undocumented? OH – NO. A camera was always present! Photo albums were everywhere!

This is now when I tell you that my Dad rented a video camera when I was eight years old and I practically knocked him down trying to steal it. I wanted that video camera in my hands right then to start filming and documenting. In fact, I wanted alllll the cameras in my hand to document everything! Like, errrrythanggg you guys.

My Mom and Dad each gave me the mission and the tools to remember how vitally important it is to remember your story and also know what to capture.

Decorating a tree with personalized ornaments from Kodak Moment Gifts.
Homemade Ornaments let the person know you really thought of them and remember an experience with them from the year. Wrap your presents with ornaments.
Kodak Moments Ornaments - cute way to wrap presents under the tree so everyone knows what gift belongs to whom. Easy way to preserve photos and memories.
Personalized Ornaments on Gift wrapped box.
Ornament Gifts. Great ways to gift a special present for the holidays or even a birthday to remember the year by!
Personalized Mugs as present ideas for family or friend gifts.
Personalized Gifts for Christmas - Kodak Moments helps create affordable and personal gifts on their mobile app. It's never been easier to get your photos off your cell phone and print them!
Lifestyle blogger, Kelly Page, of bluegraygal, shows her Personalized Coffee mug.

the struggle is absolutely real

It’s here I’ll pause and make a commentary on how digital devices have become both so useful in helping us capture more memories yet so detrimental in actually putting those memories to work.

What do I mean? Look around your house. Do you have framed photos on your walls? Do you make photo books anymore? Do you play home videos on the TV to watch as a family? I’m going with probably not. Why? Because we are alllllll pulled in 1,000 directions and can be completely overwhelmed by the number of photos we have that we don’t know what to do with them! Due to busy schedules we also seem to be slowly losing the ability to identify the moments that mean the most and capturing them in a candid real way. With all the touch-ups and photoshopping going on, we seem to be polishing all these moments, but those won’t be the ones that mean the most through the years.

Making life easy to Print & Save Photos

How do we make sharing our memories and our stories easy? Enter Kodak Moments. Here are three ways that you can easily preserve and share your memories. And not just for the holidays but all year round.

If a project is not easy to do, I won’t do it. My entire blog is about inspiring people, but in an easy to do fashion. Cause this Mama ain’t got time for much! I know you don’t either!

– me, Kelly. 

3 easy ways I use Kodak Moments to preserve my memories:

Unique Ornaments for Christmas - wooden Bamboo ornament from Kodak. Easy ways to display photos.

Holiday Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments! Every year I make a new family ornament, but why not expand that to more than one picture, and make each child their own? In our home, we have a tradition of Christmas Pajamas given on Christmas Eve. This year I placed their ornament on their present to act as a nametag, and a sentimental gift for the tree. I chose each picture not for its professional perfection (I took all of the photos) but for the memory that to me, summed up that year for them. For my boys, it was our celebratory trip to NYC for their 8th birthday. We took them to the Intrepid museum because they love airplanes and they practically levitated! So, for each boy I chose a photo from that day I knew they would love. For my daughter, I chose her Halloween costume where she dressed as Luna Lovegood from . She’s an avid reader of the books and is just as fun and quirky as Luna! I even made an ornament for my husband to honor our family trip where we took the kids out of the country for the first time! All of these were made using Kodak Moments and took less than 3 minutes to complete each of these ornaments!

Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs! This is a long tradition in my home. I love to gift my husband a mug each Christmas with pictures on it from the last year. This year I upped the mug size to the 15 ounce (turning 40 years old has ahem, made more ounces necessary!) He worships the ground Alexander Hamilton walks on (long before the Broadway play!) so I used the Kodak Moments App to easily upload the photo we took at Hamilton’s birth home for his mug. What I love about coffee mugs is that the photos are there every day. You see them, the kids see them and the memories live every day in your hands! So, easy to see your pictures and so easy to make with Kodak Moments! Because I too wanted a mug I chose a fun and silly photo of our family taken with a cell phone pic! Kodak Moments makes it so easy to use cell phone pictures and look how great the quality is! Now I can have my memories, and drink my coffee, too!

my favorite Kodak Moments product – Memory Boxes!

A Moments Box you guys I’m almost giddy to tell you about this product! I immediately saw it online and said YES! This is what people NEED! Here’s what it is: a box of pre-printed ten photos that all easily fit within a storage box. There are four photo stands in there. So, you can set out four photos at a time and change them as you want.

Kodak Moments Memory Box.
Kodak Moments Memory Box. A great gift idea for friends and family and an easy way to print family photos for they ear!
Easy and creative ways to display photos without frames. I love this gift from Kodak Moments! So easy to print photos once for the year and easy display them!
Looking for creative photo display ideas? This box is the bomb! Print ten photos once and change them all year to display!

The Kodak Moments Box rocks my world. Here’s why I love it:

You can store the box easily in your kitchen drawer, then pull out a photo and set it on the counter. So easy! No worrying about hanging anything, printing anything, etc. Print ten pictures, and put them in four different rooms, or rotate one each month. Super easy!

You can build a box for every year and before you know it you’ll have endless photos to set out to look at and smile. You could scatter the four photos around the house, too!

The quality of these prints is Kodak Moments, slam dunk on this product!!!!

This would be an awesome holiday gift, too!!!!!!

I chose ten photos from 2018 that represented our year. Vacation memories, Halloween pictures, silly photos that make me smile of each of our children, and those little life moments that made me smile.

I plan to set out one photo a month and just change it each month to keep it fresh.

It’s time to get the photos off of your phone. Baby steps, guys!

Guys, truthfully, preserving and sharing memories has never been easier, you just need to know where to go, and some easy ways to do it.

With Kodak Moments, they have so many options to quickly, easily, effortless and affordably get your photos off your phone and in your home.

Mom, Dad – thanks for the mission and tools. I hope I’m making you proud. And to my kids – if you’re not happy with the endless amount of memories your Mom surrounds you with then we have issues because memories are all over this house!!!!!

Thanks again, Kodak Moments for sponsoring this post. You guys, go check them out here:

Important Holiday Shipping Info!

Choose Express shipping Dec. 12 through Dec 17, and with purchases of $25 or more Express shipping is free. 

Dec. 18 is the final date to place your order, choose Rush shipping to receive your Kodak Moments photo gifts by the holidays!

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