Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

I’m sharing with you guys tried and true family holiday gift ideas for kids. Santa has left us everything you see here, or my children have received them as birthday gifts so I can attest to all of them!

One year Santa had the most memorable holiday set up. He had a big pop-up tent (that easily collapses and folds for storage – that Santa is smart) and three cute Pottery Barn Kids sleeping bags set up inside them. Then Santa strung Christmas lights in the tent to make it glow! It was magical and several years later my kids still have sleepovers in that tent and use their sleeping bags monthly.

I love when Santa has some presents wrapped and some sitting out for a really fun 5am (yikes) wake up! The kids love it! The magical “show” in our family room makes it feel so elaborate and mystical. How does he do that? If any of you have had this treat done, please, please, please leave a comment so we can all read it! I think we all need ideas to email Santa so our children have fun and magical Christmas mornings! All holiday gift ideas for kids welcome, please!


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Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids