fall kitchen tablescape

fall home decor with grape wood

While I make our Dining Room centerpieces large, I prefer small scale fall home decor for our everyday kitchen table. On this tablescape I used grape wood which I’m super obsessed with these days! I layered the table with burlap, then a flipped a woody tray upside down to use as a pedestal and topped it with a golden tray of flowers. I used faux greenery mixed in with the grapes wood. To complete it, I filled the table with large decorative pumpkins that I sell on my online shop. This is really easy fall decorations for home that can be completed for not a lot of money and not a lot of time!

Fall home decor with table decorations for a rectangle table with peach roses and dusty miller.

Burlap runner with greenery down the center with gold round tray and pumpkins for fall decor in a kitchen.

Tip: Use trays as risers to give things varying heights. Here, I inverted a wooden tray I had to use as a pedestal. It added a layer of a differing material and helped give the circular gold tray some height to showcase the floral centerpiece!

large decorative pumpkins

The leather pumpkins sold on my online shop to add a touch of glam, but works well with the rustic look of the grape wood. I just don’t think fall home decor is complete without pumpkins! The real stems that are used in these give a gorgeous warmth and uniqueness that works so well with any tablescape no matter how fancy or rustic you go!

Gold leather Plush Pumpkin from bluegraygal.

grape wood

I found these grape wood vines at West Elm, but they are also sold at a few other places. I’m sort of obsessed with them. They look perfectly at home on a kitchen table. They add a nice length and fullness but short height so you can see over them when sitting to eat. I plan to put them in my formal dining room built in’s when the season ends to add a woodsy touch to what’s an otherwise formal display! Grape woods are a great investment and I’ll use them in a variety of ways all season long!

Grape wood vine from West Elm with brown pumpkin.

Blue pumpkin mixed with grapewood vine. Fall decorations for home

Peach Roses mixed with white hydrangea and dusty miller. Soft floral bouquet.

shop fall decorations for home

grape wood branch  |  leather pumpkins  |  burlap runner  |  gold round tray  |  wooden square tray


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