and we’ll all float on ok…(in the pool that is!)

Alright, friends. The weather in Atlanta this year is straight up kooky! This March it’s gone from the 70s, to 90 degrees and then back down to 50 degrees in the span of two weeks. I surrender, Mother Nature, I surrender. I do not, however, surrender my giant pool float. No matter what the weather.

I am, as you know, a lifestyle blogger. Therefore it’s law of the land that I own oversized blow up toys for pool fun. And then take pictures on said float. We didn’t get a pamphlet or anything when we became bloggers, but if it did I’m sure it would include telling us to put flowers in kitchen sinks, take pictures of our shoes, our food, our reflections in mirrors, and own at least one of the cool inflatables on Instagram.

I own two cool inflatables. How proud am I.

bluegraygal in Sunnylife Australia Pelican for Knock Atlanta

It may be March, but I’m already prepping for pool season! In our family pool fun reigns supreme! Our house rule is if it’s 80 degrees or higher outside we heat the pool – even if it’s February! Our kids are part amphibians (minus webbed feet.) We have a lot of fun pool toys and floats and love having our friends over to hang out.

We purchased a white swan last year. We found animal floats for pool so cute that this year we added a new feathered friend to our flock. Meet Sir Pelican! Yes, the pelican is a him. Sir Pelican is just my style. His pink and yellow beak are hysterical! This guy has way more personality than the swan! Perhaps there will be a romance between him and the swan, and they will birth a flamingo? Oh, I’m cracking myself up.

Oversized blow up toys for pool. Giant pool toy.

Atlanta Lifestyle Blogger Kelly Page in giant pool floats for adults.

Guys, these are blow up toys for pool fun are huge. My safety rule with floats in the pool is only one float in the pool at a time. I will always worry about someone getting stuck under one. The Florida girl in me is always afraid of someone drowning. I keep a close eye on the kids when pool floats are in the water.

To get a sense of their size, I chose to jump on my guy. Yes, I’m fully clothed. No, my photographer didn’t know we were going to do this. Additionally, just above me is a second story restaurant with people dining al fresco watching this whole photoshoot go down. I saw many interested faces and a few people placing bets on whether I’d fall into the water. Shockingly, I didn’t get wet while taking these photos. I’m super clumsy and I even had money on me going on in the pool.

bluegraygal Kelly Page in giant pool float. Pelican Pool Toy from Sunnylife Australia.

blow up toys for pool pro’s:

+ Fits at least three kids.

+ Looks super cute and cool floating in your pool.

+ Crazily indestructible. Our birds have lasted two summers of severe beatings from children. We’re talking broken necks, twisted beaks and lots of pulling of feathers. Yet they still look great, are fully inflated and happy little feathered friends! I spray them every so often with a mixture of bleach and water, but other than that they are happy little campers in the pool 24/7!

animal floats for pool con’s:

+ Fits at least three kids. Which ups the odds of someone yelling “stop pushing me.”

+ Your neighbors will be super jelly and then likely only come to your pool which means you’re always hosting the shin-digs.

+ These cool inflatables never break so you can’t say “oh it ran out of batteries, sorry guys!” when arguments break out between your children.

Fun pool rafts for kids for the summer. Blue door in Rosemary Beach. Fun pool toys for kids and adults!

Atlanta Lifestyle Blogger Kelly Page dragging Sir Pelican the giant raft down streets of Rosemary Beach.

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