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Alright, friends. The weather this year is straight up kooky. It was in the 70s in February in Atlanta (not normal), two weeks ago nearly 90 degrees and then last weekend is was 70. I surrender, Mother Nature, I surrender. I do not surrender my giant pool float, however, no matter what the weather.

But I really am prepping for pool season. We actually had a week where we went ahead and heated our pool because I was chomping at the bit to swim!

In our family, pool fun reigns supreme. My kids love it. So we have a lot of fun pool toys and floats. My major rule as a Mom though is that only one float in the pool at a time for safety. I will always worry about someone getting stuck under one. It’s the Florida girl in me who fears for drowning.

So I keep a close eye on the kids when pool floats are in. But when they are in – the fun is ON! My kids LOVE pool floats – especially giant ones where multiple kids can play together! Last year we had the Swan. I actually never pulled her (yes, the swan is a she) out of the pool. She stayed in the pool 24/7 and just made me laugh every time I looked out the window!

This year, it’s all about the Pelican! I just think his pink and yellow beak are hysterical! This guy has way more personality than the swan! Yes, the pelican is a him. Perhaps there will be a romance and birth a flamingo? Oh, I’m cracking myself up.

There are so many choices for giant pool floats these days. I’m sharing my new pelican here, and a few I love here along with some silly inspiration of me in the pool on one. Super normal, right?

Unfortunately my dress sold out before I could even share it with you (bummer because it’s so fun and easy to wear) but I found this one that’s similar.

And no. If you’re wondering I did not get wet while taking these photos. This is super shocking because I’m super clumsy and had money on me going on in the pool. Side note, there was a balcony of people eating their dinner next to me looking down at my photographer and I both amused and confused all at once. I’m not shy guys.

Without further ado…my giant pool float fav’s…

& these

Hilarious giant pool float for the pool. Great family pool toy! Pelican pool float is so funny and I love his pink and yellow beak in the blue pool! Get ready for pool fun this summer! I love our new giant pelican pool float and had so much fun splashing in the pool drinking some wine in Rosemary Beach! Who wears a blue and white embroidered maxi dress in the pool? Me! I love this off the shoulder ruffle dress and it's such an easy summer dress. My pelican float didn't hurt the fun either!
Best pool floats for 2017. The pelican is the new swan pool float! Great family pool raft for kids. Pool floats for kids! I love this oversized pelican pool float more than the oversized swan float! I floated on him in the pool in my new blue ruffled off the shoulder dress with a glass of wine. Because summer is too short to not have a pool party!
Atlanta blogger Kelly Page is bluegraygal. Goofy, fun Mommy blogger whose mixes real life Mommy world with Styled Mommy world! Dress from J Fraiche at Nordstrom.
Summer dress to wear to a pool party. A pool party isn't complete without a new fun pool float for pictures. The Peal hotel in Rosemary Beach has the greatest yellow umbrellas and outdoor yellow pillows. They match the pelican's cute yellow beak!

dress (sold out)  |  pretty blue off the shoulder dress  |  blue sundress (sort of in love with the navy and contrasting tassels on this one, plus the sleeves!)

Rosemary Beach is a little piece of Europe on the Panhandle of Florida. Kelly Page is the Atlanta blogger, bluegraygal, and she's carrying her new giant pelican pool float through the streets. Summer is short, make some summer memories!

see post here for this white embroidered shirt look!


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