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I was inspired by this beautiful Frontgate furniture I found last summer in our local Atlanta store. This table set up was there, but it cost a fortune. Even the white outdoor vases were priced over $1,000. Yes, they were gorgeous but I felt like I could recreate the look for less to make it more accessible. While there is always a great Frontgate sale going on, this is a great look for less option!

beyond the Frontgate sale

I’ve kept jars like this in my outdoor area for a long time. I do have them in a covered area but I’ve had no issues with bugs and mold. This past week I actually gave them a good cleaning and was surprised how little junk they had accumulated.

One idea if you are worried, is to buy this for inside your home on your kitchen, and put them outside when you are entertaining! This way you get the best of both worlds! Outside patio decor that doubles as gorgeous interior centerpiece decor!

white ceramic decor I’m in love with

(I own several from this brand so can attest to their quality!)

 lantern with really pretty rope detail

patio furniture that’s well priced

Frontgate furniture and Frontgate home accessories for outside from a frontgate sale.


I haven’t yet tried this type of wood outdoors but I love the light wood look. Do any of you have a set like this? If so, please leave a comment about how the quality holds up. I especially think it looks great with white accents.  Then again, I think I have an issue collecting white accent urns and vases! These white accents will go with any type of furniture you have. Light or dark – but I definitely recommend buying either one oversized vase, or a collection of three. Odd numbers just look best as a grouping!

similar Frontgate furniture & accessories

greenery options


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