easy memory book for your family!

Birthday cards. So sweet, so fun to get, but so difficult to decide what to do with them! Should you toss it? Display it? Throw the birthday card away? I struggle with this, especially cards from family. This is a great hack to help you know how to save birthday cards to and from your immediate family in an organized and easy fashion!

Organize your cards for birthdays or Father's Day! A great sentimental keepsake for notes from your children.
How to save birthday cards. An easy way to create and save cards for your family. A great Father's Day or sentimental birthday gift!

how to save birthday cards

I came up with this idea a few years ago as a way to organize and preserve cards for my husband. Every Father’s Day my kids would make him a card, or draw him a picture and I wouldn’t have an easy place to keep it.

So this is what I did – and I think you’ll like it! I bound about 50 blank heavy weight pieces of paper together with a clear protective color. Each year my children do a drawing or write him a note on their own page.

Every year do one page that includes the year. I like to print out a photo of my husband and them together from that same year and glue it on.

Then the following pages are notes from each of them. They will have their own page to do whatever they want as their Father’s Day (or birthday) note. This way you have a nice binder full of all of their messages! You can relive them each year knowing it’s nicely stored and easy to look back on.

When they were young and couldn’t write, I would have them scribble on the paper and say “what do you want to say to daddy?” Then I would write out whatever they said!

This is so easy to do. Either do it yourself or have Office Depot make it for you. I think it cost around $15 which is super cheap if you think of how much cards cost these days!

This would work great for your children, too. You could make a binder for each and then every year write them a note. I’m all about saving memories, but making it easy! 

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easy memory book for your family!