refresh your workout clothes!

Few things get me to the gym with enthusiasm especially when it’s cold outside. The first is a quick glance at celebrities frolicking on the beach over the holidays. Those young 22 year old girls who have no idea what they have both annoy me yet fuel me. Ha! The second are new clothes! A good pair of compression yoga pants that suck in your love handles creating the illusion that you’re super in shape rock my world. God bless the technology used in yoga pants! Here are some great cold weather workout clothes to wear to and from the gym, on an outdoor run along with some perfect layering pieces that will last you through all seasons!


cold weather workout clothes


top picks

This sports bra is h-o-t. I must have.

Super cute top – perfect to wear to and from gym and on errands when you’re “pretending you’re going to the gym!”

Blue sneaks – hello. love.

Gorgeous sweatshirt for incredible price.!


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