Gift for Champagne lovers!

I’ve never met a champagne I didn’t love. It’s just that there are some I love more!  What I love even more than that? Supporting entrepreneurs. I am the daughter of two entrepreneurs, and married to one. I love supporting entrpreneurs who work tirelessly to fulfill their passions and create a business from nothing. And if it’s a woman is behind that operation then you have even more of my heart!

Meet Sherri’s Champagne. A company that provides grower-produced champagne to people who love to taste and enjoy champagne. The bottles you get from Sherri’s Champagne are not from producers found in the grocery store! This is for those of you who appreciate the craft, the love and the uniqueness behind each bottle’s creation.

what is grower-produced champagne?

Grower-produced means that the family who grows the grapes also makes the wine. Less than 5% of Champagne imported into the US is from true grower-producers. Sherri has created a company that extends beyond her own venture, into supporting the entrepreneurship of other families. Grower-producers intentionally stay small so they they can refine their work and what Champagne represents for their region, village or vineyard site. You are purchasing the work from a family whose dedicated their life to perfecting their love and craft.  Some of the best champagne brands are very hard to get and she is now making them accessible in the United States.

the best french champagne

The company, Sherri’s Champagne, works carefully with some of the best sommeliers and importers to select and curate the offerings. All bottles represent a beautiful blend of bottles imported from Champagne, France and include many Grand Cru, Permier Cru and Vintage champagnes. Some are exclusive offerings only available to Sherri’s Champagne Club members!

champagne club offerings:

  • Purchasing Champagne by the bottle.
  • As a gift set.
  • Through a Champagne Club membership. Membership is limited since many of the producers create a limited amount each year. The Champagne club will deliver six (6) uniquely selected grower champagnes twice per year, in the Spring and Fall.
Sherri was kind enough to gift me two bottles from her collection to enjoy. One word describes them each – heavenly. If you’re someone who appreciates wine or Champagne, all the work that goes into it and the art of the creation, I hope you’ll check Sherri’s Champagne out. The packaging is perfection so makes a great gift if you know someone who loves the “ungettable” and can appreciate a beautifully curated collection!
As if this company couldn’t get cooler, a portion of the proceeds from Sherri’s Champagne sales go to support girls and women researchers in STEM education through the Buck Institute’s ‘Double X’ group! 
My love goes out to this woman for fulfilling a niche market, supporting families of passion and in turn using some of that money to support girls and women who are our future. Cheers to all of that! 
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Shop Sherri’s Champagne offerings here!


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Gift for Champagne lovers!