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If we’re being honest

Last night my friend, Jess Cathell, and I attend an event for The Honest Company. I first met Jess when she took my maternity photos when we were pregnant with the boys. She and I both blog (she’s younger and cooler than me I will tell you) and we’ve become friends by both doing so. It’s been fun to talk about this world we find ourselves in. We have such fun – though she may be embarrassed by me. Last night we stopped for drinks and there was a live band. The second Whitney Houston started playing I was on my feet dancing in the middle of a nice bar. Yep. That’s me. She sat watching me – dancing in public isn’t her game. People, I play the game. And I play that dancing game to win. No shame in my game!

Here we are last night. I re-created my look. Hers is to die for, too!!!

love my pink shoes. I wear them more than I ever thought I would. I’m sourcing a ton of versions here. You cannot go wrong with pink patent leather! Either in flip flops, to flats to heals. They are the perfect pop of color to any outfit. I swear you will reach for them over, and over!

I’ve listed a few ways to transform my look to spring, too. It got ridiculously cold in Atlanta last night but spring is on the horizon!

Thanks for the fun, Jess! Next time you are so dancing with me.


Pink Shoes!

Blazer and Bottoms

Scarves and Such

A Bit More Spring Pink


Pink Heals  /  Pink Flats  /  Pink Dupe Valentino Flats  /  Pink Flip Flops  /  Pink Heal Sandals  /  The OG

Thank you The Honest Company for hosting us!




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