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Which one is me…the one juggling life’s chaos while still mugging for the camera? Or the one whose hair is in place, smiling Donna Reed-esque like she has her act together? I think you know the answer!

I’m Kelly, an Atlanta Home & Lifestyle Blogger. Also, a polished goofball. ūüôÉ

My blog has a strong emphasis on home & holiday d√©cor, low-fuss, high-fun entertaining; and not taking myself seriously, tell-it-like-it-is stories. 

What was an ‚Äúexperiment‚ÄĚ to understand social media has turned into a successful lifestyle blog with a consistently growing following. 

All images are of my own home and real life. No re-sharing images here! I enjoy life, see the funny side and celebrate small wins (like making it through the day!) 


My East Cobb Magazine | ELLEDecor.com feature HERE and HERE | Simply Buckhead Magazine

A little about me!

Alice in Wonderland at Magic Kingdom. Disney tips and tricks for serving

My first job was being “very good friends” with Pluto, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty and more! I am still very much covered in Disney Pixie Dust! I love putting on a show!

Kelly Page at MTV

I was almost on MTV’s The Real World. Ultimately they decided I interesting enough to be on camera, yet not crazy enough for the show (thank goodness!) and offered me a job! I worked for MTV in NYC until I realized I wasn’t a big city girl!

Atlanta TV Reporters

I’m a former news anchor! I anchored the news from elementary school through college at Florida State University until becoming a professional reporter. Problem? I hate the news! Should have thought that through. Like everyone, I was learning who I was. Shown here is baby me and Pirelli Tires CEO. The squinty eye I’m doing kills me. This camera weighed at least 567 pounds, I swear.

I worked at AT&T as a National Advertising manager. I ran multi-million dollar campaigns for online, radio, print and TV. I worked with Ryan Seacrest, Forest Whitaker and Sydney Pollack, before leaving to be a stay at home Mom. Oh those people. I’m rolling my own eyes for name dropping, I’m sorry!

King of Christmas Trees. NBCs "Atlanta and Company" segment on artificial Christmas trees.

I’m back on TV as a lifestyle guest on the NBC Atlanta morning show and proud to show my kids that Mommy can do something besides empty the dishwasher!

Fall Family photos by Sara D Harper.

My husband and I are proud parents to an eleven year old daughter and eight year old identical twins! I’ve been married 14 years to my adorable husband who works in venture capital.

I fall and spill things a lot. Like, an odd amount. It’s an issue. I’m working on it.

I absolutely dance in public with zero shame in my game. If Whitney Houston is playing and in you’re in my presence, you are required to dance.

Life is short. I believe it’s to be celebrated. Welcome to my blog. Happy to have you!

Look forward to talking with you!

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