5 Productive things to do when you're bored.

These are odd times for sure. Our family watched Evan Almighty last night, which is a great and uplifting movie if you haven’t watched it!

There was a scene I particularly loved. The wife was struggling with the family situation and God (Morgan Freeman!) talks to her and says:

If they prayed for courage, does God give them courage, or does He give them the opportunity to be courageous?

If someone prayed for their family to be closer, you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings? Or does he give them opportunities to love each other?

If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does He give them the opportunity to be patient?

– Evan Almighty movie

So in this time of solitude (perhaps a better word than isolation or quarantine?) maybe you’ve prayed for time to catch up house organizing, or time to play with your kids, or time to organize. Well, here is your opportunity to do those things!

Opportunitiy – a great word to think of rather than sacrifice.

5 Productive Things To Do in Quarantine

I’m sharing a few things you could do without leaving your house. Order your supplies and check things off the list you never get around to.

5 Things to do in quarantine that are productive!

Create a Photo Wall

Easy way to create a photo wall.

I use and love Framebridge. It’s so easy to create a beautiful and affordable photo wall! Upload your photos, pick a frame and hit send. They will arrive within a week with all the tools you need to hang it. Done and done!

Tip: when choosing photos, look for the ones that make you smile. I don’t care for a photo wall of perfect professional photos (unless those make you smile, then go for it!) I love those weird in-between moments. But pick a photo and move along. You can always reprint later and use the frame. The point is to check it off the list. Sometimes good enough is better than nothing!

My favorite frames

Georgetown for formal look | Dorado if you’re filling a big wall | Newport – clean silver

Create Photobooks

My phonebooks are among my most prized possessions. There is something about being able to hold your memories that feels more tangible than a cell phone full of images.

Our kids also love to read and look at them. So many warm and fuzzies from photobooks. And wow will you feel like you weigh 100 pounds less when you get them in your hand!

Shutterfly has a great deal that ends tonight with 50% off. Plus you can upload your photos and have them make it for free! Offer ends tonight. Again, close your eyes, upload the first 50 photos that make you smile and move on. You’ll be so happy you did, I promise you! My photobooks are ridiculously special to me!

Browse Shutterfly Books

Organize your Cabinets

How to stay organized with small storage space.

Whew, you know you need this! Order some supplies and have them come to you. These pieces are especially good to order because they are usually sold out in stores. This is one of my favorite things to do in quarantine. I get my kids involved and I end each day feeling accomplished and ready for the next!

Tip: while you wait for the supplies to arrive, grab a trash can and go to town. Empty, purge, dust the shelves, put things in the right room, etc so when they arrive you are ready to go!

My favorite organization tools

Set up Subscription Delivery

Closet organization tips and ideas to keep toiletries organized.

If you never considered doing this before, you probably have now with the grocery store shelves empty! I set up a subscription service a few weeks ago for the “always have to buy” items. Takes things off the list, plus you save money (up to 15%!) when you subscribe to a few things!

View Subscription recommendations here.

Refresh your Sheets for Spring

Brown and Gray Bedroom decor. Gray walls with brown bed and Annie Selkie linens. Ivory nightstand with gold metallic accents.

The weather is changing. And maybe you’re not sleeping so hot with the stress? Here are some great buys to refresh your bedding for the season.

Sky Sheets – very well priced and excellent quality!

Annie Selke quit – love this. Your bed looks made in a second, there’s some loft to it if you snuggle, but it’s not too hot.

Annie Selke quilt – love this. There’s some loft to it if you snuggle, but it’s not too hot.

Cooling pillow – a new discovery! The gel keeps your head nice and cool at night. It’s definitely very plump. I’m a side sleeper and used to use flatter pillows. This has really helped my neck pain and I love how it feels!

Get all the things to do in quarantine & feel productive during these odd times.

Now that you’ve checked off things to do in quarantine, get some closet organization tips here!

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