5 fun toys for kids!

I have three children. We have an 11 year old girl and eight year old identical girls. It’s weird the toys that are the hits in our house. You never know what kids are going to love. Here are five things in our house that are sort of “omni-present” in case you’re looking for toy ideas that aren’t electronics! Don’t let me fool you though – electronics are even more omnipresent! But we’re living in a new age….

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1. Squishy anything. I have no idea where this fad of squishing things came from but it’s here, people. We don’t have this exact set of burgers and fries squishies but we have a solid dozen other options!

2. Oonies. I wrote a review on this toy before. It’s awesome. Amazing gift idea. No mess!

3. Camouflage Throw blanket. My boys wear this wherever they walk. It’s so soft and snuggly and I’m fairly certain they think they are invisible when they wear it. Huge, huge favorite for both of them!

4. Water Dropper. Old school, right?! They have these on their night stands and flip them over to watch as they fall asleep. An inexpensive and classic toy!

5. Apples to Apples. Play this game with them. To hear them roaring with laughter is worth the price of admission! My kids love it. Awesome game!


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