3 Ways to Update your Home Office Decor

Three Small Changes = Big Beautiful Updates!

With a few small updates to your existing home decor, you can transform your home office into a haven that will (almost!) make you want to hang out in there all day! Provided no one interrupts you — and good luck on that!

Home Office Decor with removable wallpaper and silver pendant lights.


Decorating on a budget. Neutral gray and white linen drapes in home office.


Starburst gold mirror with gray reusable wallpaper.

Wall Decor

Designing a home office on a budget.

3 Ways to make your Home Office Decor Chic

Trying to refresh your home office decor, but don’t want to change too much? Changing out three things will make it look like a designer came in and gave it a makeover! By paying attention to your walls and lighting you’ll add easy to do elements that will make your blah home office feel awesome to go to work in – plus! What an awesome commute you now have!

Designing a home office on a budget.


Wallpaper – Real or Removeable

Removable wallpaper is an easy way to make a dramatic impact on your new home office! I hung this removable wallpaper myself and it was fairly easy to do! You get a huge designer look for a minimal expense. Update a feature wall, do the entire room or just add accents behind a shelving unit to make your room instantly have major personality and look like you hired an interior designer! Here are some great looks I love.

Decorating on a budget. Neutral gray and white linen drapes in home office.


New Lighting

Lighting sets the mood – it will either wake you up to concentrate, or put you to sleep! Choose the bulb you use carefully. Find little vignettes throughour your home office to draw your eye. Add some great library lights by your bookshelf, or add a task lamp to your desk. I love giant statement pendants mixed with table lamps. Make sure the light travels evenly around a room and is at varying heights for interest. I have a massive lighting obsession – a beautiful fixture can immediately change the vibe in your space! Here are some gorgeous lighting ideas.

Starburst gold mirror with gray reusable wallpaper.



If the walls feel like they are caving in on your with the constant homebound feeling of life, make your room feel larger by adding a mirror!

Mirrors bounce light throughout your room and make them feel larger. Place a mirror on top of a cabinet, like this STARBURST MIRROR! Add a full-length mirror propped up against a wall for a larger effect! All of these will make your home office feel roomier and brighter!

For more on how I hung this removable Wallpaper, read this post for tips and tricks!

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