3 Holiday Outfits – Teaser Video!

We are all rushing to holiday parties with varying degrees of formality from now until New Years Eve! I’m sharing three different looks from White House Black Market that I think will cover women for nearly every occasion (that is, if you’re in the over 35 crowd!) 

Photos coming soon. In the meantime, my friend Ann said “you have to do a try on session. I love those so I get details.” Well. I am very comfortable in front of a camera except when it comes to try on sessions! Why? I don’t know. It’s an art form I haven’t mastered. 🙂 Anyway, she is filming, I am trying on and I gave it the old college try to help you see thee outfits and share details. I am laughing at how I’m standing – I never stand like that on camera! I look silly, ha!

But Ann gave her endorsement for all three outfits. You can’t hear her in video but she said all outfits looked so different on hangers but she loved them all on! Love you, Ann!

Right now everything at White House Black Market is 40%!

Watch try on Video Here!

outfit #1 – the corporate work party, day to night

outfit #2 – girls night, PTA holiday party, etc.

outfit #3 – full on holiday glam! 

Photos for each outfit coming very soon! Be sure to get my Newsletter!

Looking for outfits to wear to holiday parties this year? I got you! Here are three outfits from White House Black Market - everything from a Corporate Work party, to Girls Night out or School Holiday Party to a Glamorous New Years Eve Event! Watch my try on video here!

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