2019 Goals for This Blog

how to make glitter balloons.

I spend a ton of time thinking about my blog and its focus. Does it have a point of view? Is it informative? Is it eye candy or does it actually help? Do you, as my readers, get something out of following it? Is it a representation of me? All of these questions, and more, are always on my mind.

Yes, I have a glass of wine next to me. It always is when I write posts like this. I am not a “proof reader” type of blogger. I write like I talk – with a somewhat stream of consciousness pattern and an honest approach. I try not to edit what I write, just as I don’t edit what I say (though if I’m being honest, it’s a personal goal this year for me to edit what I say more often! Ha!)

My hope is that when you look at the images, or read what I write, you feel like you know a part of me. And like me enough to (hopefully!) tell a friend to follow me. Because you find this blog both fun and useful. That’s my purest goal for this blog. So without drawing this out, here are my thoughts and goals for the upcoming year for BlueGrayGal.

Top Five BlueGrayGal Goals:


Pick a lane. Dial in the focus of this blog. Is it a holiday decor blog only? Is it tips from experts? Should there be any fashion? It needs a focus so that I don’t blend in as just a “lifestyle blogger.”


Learn what you want to hear about, and then present my spin on that info. A blog is useless if no one is interested. Guys, if there’s one thing you need to know about me is that I am both a) opinionated on everything and b) all too willing to share that! So I could take any topic and form a blog post on it. Ha! I am going to spend more time asking you questions, so start forming opinions now! On your mark…ha.


Work with at least three companies I’ve worked with in the past, and then three new ones. This is what funds my blogging world. I try not to be a “Shop the Post” affiliate blogger. I would rather have brands I love pay for your ears and eyeballs. If they don’t pass the sniff test with me, then I won’t share them with you. But sponsored posts help subsidize the enormous amount of time I put into this blog and asks nothing of you in return.


Hire an intern/assistant. Ya’ll, blogging takes up a ton of time. I need help! Blogging is not easy. It is time consuming, it’s costly, and it takes great energy and love to build it. I’m grateful it’s grown to a point that I need help. Knock on wood it will continue to grow! So that means asking for help. We shall see!


Have a blog great enough that it makes you want to tell a friend about it. I want it to be that fun. That useful. That pretty. I want this baby to grow because you enjoy it enough to say “hey Mom, hey friend, hey sister – follow this blog!” That would make me so darn happy I couldn’t even tell you! 🙂

Those are my thoughts for now. I’m not going to overdue the goals because Lord knows, we all have a laundry list of what we want to do better! I’d rather set fewer goals, crush them and then crush more as the year goes on! Wouldn’t you? Baby steps, guys. No need to kill ourselves so we feel guilty about what we didn’t do. Let’s all work harder to celebrate what we did do!

Waterford Crystal Champagne Flutes. Rose everyday.

So let’s start here….what topics on my blog do YOU enjoy? What would you like to see more of? Would love your comments, emails or DM’s on Instagram!

You all rock. Thanks for reading! I send you all great wishes for a fantastic 2019!

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